We are currently seeking new candidates for the Association of Conflict Resolution of Greater New York (ACR-GNY). We're looking for a few ADR enthusiasts who would like to put their passion for conflict resolution to work for the betterment of the field. 


About the ACR-GNY Board

Current Open Positions

Student Board Members

Board Member Responsibilities

How to Nominate Yourself or Someone Else


ACR-GNY is a big tent for professionals and students in the field of conflict resolution. The scope of our interest and support is everything ADR -- including restorative justice, commercial arbitration, family mediation, institutional ombuds, and community mediation. As a volunteer-led organization, it's hugely rewarding to serve the wide ADR community. We hope you will consider joining us!

Please submit a statement of interest/qualification and a resume of the nominee byWednesday, December 2, 2020 to nominations@acrgny.orgRead below for full details.

About the ACR-GNY Board

The leadership of ACR-GNY is the Board of Directors which is a working board -- each Board member, director and officer alike, contribute their time and energy to ensuring the organization fulfills its mission. The Board recently completed its biannual retreat and has organized into three committees to fulfill our strategic goals: 

1) Membership Committee: Oversees member development and engagement

2) Programming Committee: Sets vision, priorities, and strategy and plans for all programming, including:

  • Annual Conference
  • Mediation Settlement Day
  • Practice Groups

3) Governance & Administration Committee: Covers everything else, including: 
  • Finance
  • Communications, website, social media
  • Nominations

Current Open Positions

We are accepting nominations for the following roles on the Board of ACR-GNY:

Membership Support: Serve on the Membership Committee to develop a stronger connection to our members and craft a more meaningful experience for them.

Programming Support: Serve on Programming Committee team that organizes the annual conference, held in late May or early June 2021, and Mediation Settlement Day, held in fall 2021, and runs additional programs throughout the year. 

Communications Support: Serve on the Governance Committee to create and implement an external communications plan for ACR-GNY programs, to promote events and other offerings, and ensure strategic utilization of website and social media.

Student Board Member

ACR-GNY is committed to supporting individuals in their pursuit of a career in ADR. To this end we offer an opportunity for students to serve one-year terms as Board members of ACR-GNY. They would have all the same privileges and responsibilities as directors-at-large. Candidates should be enrolled in a higher education institution in the Greater New York area, and their course of study should include a significant emphasis on conflict resolution. Student Board members must roll off the Board if they graduate before their Board term ends. 

Board Member Responsibilities

Members are expected to attend monthly evening meetings, held via video conference. Other expectations for Board members include:

    1. --Membership in one of our three committees (Membership, Programming, Governance), and attendance at monthly committee meetings.
    2. --Spending approximately 4-8-hours per month in addition to Board meetings on ACR-GNY activities.
    3. --Supporting efforts to plan the annual conference.
    4. --Attending ACR-GNY’s Annual Conference and Mediation Settlement Day events.
    5. --Serve a complete two-year term (except for any student member, whose term is one year).

  • Further details on the work of the Board and the organization can be found in our bylaws.

We believe our Board should reflect the diversity of our professional community. We strongly encourage nominees who are women, indigenous and people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, and young professionals.

How to Nominate Yourself or Someone Else

Intrigued? Looking for a rewarding way to give back to our community? We invite members to submit nominations for themselves. In your statement, please share about your interest and relevant experience for any of the open positions noted above.

Or, does this sound like a great fit for someone you know?  Recommend someone by letting us know why they'd be an awesome Board member, and their potential fit for the open positions, and we'll reach out to the nominee.

Please submit a statement of interest/qualification and a resume of the nominee byWednesday, December 2, 2020 to

Elections will be held in January at our Annual Meeting (event announcement forthcoming).

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