The Association for Conflict Resolution Greater New York chapter is a nonprofit organization that promotes and strengthens Alternative Dispute Resolution by fostering dialogue and professional development.  


ACR-GNY has been one of the most active ADR member nonprofit organizations in the greater New York area since 2001. We attract ADR professionals from a wide variety of fields such as commercial arbitration, government agencies, academia, education, the judiciary, restorative justice, law practice and law enforcement, mental health, and the clergy. See our robust, diverse member directory here.


Our members span the spectrum of dispute resolvers from litigators to arbitrators to mediators to negotiators and facilitators to peace builders. As a big tent for professionals interested in the fields of conflict resolution, ACR-GNY provides members with rich and relevant opportunities for networking, education and professional development.  We welcome those new to the field, including students, those who have been practicing for decades, and everyone in between.  


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Here are a few great reasons to become an ACR-GNY member:

              • Networking with ADR professionals from diverse practice areas
              • Opportunities to present or propose presentations for our members
              • Professional development through collectively promoting the use of ADR.
              • Invitation to our Holiday Party

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